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I use my 12 years of experience working with Angels and Guides to help clients find clarity in every situation. Using Lithomancy (crystal reading) and the Crystal Oracle (cards), I provide guidance and insight for the future.


Quantum Tarot, Empath, Lithomancy, Claromancy, Crystal Oracle, Channeling, Akashic Records, Usui Reiki Ryoho, Vedic Karuna Ki, Kagami Reiki, Egyptian Seichim Reiki, Angel Therapy, Angel Readings.


From the time James was seven, he'd always had a unique connection to Spirit, seeing and communicating with Angels and Guides. Among young children, he believes this talent is not uncommon, but James carried this interaction with Spirit into adulthood, developing a framework and understanding of all he experienced. When younger, his talents seemed normal, but when he became a teenager, it dawned on him how unique his connection was to Spirit. Later, he'd pray for others at the Christian church his family attended, and would often receive direct messages from Spirit. He found Angels would communicate with him and provide healing energy to those he prayed for.

In his early adult years, James decided to enter the Christian Ministry, but did not abandon his connection to Spirit. He became an ordained Christian Minister, and is still attached to the Christian Church today. James mentored with a remarkable woman who provided psychic readings for clients. They gave joint readings, and James became motivated to begin his own psychic practice. These readings with his mentor encouraged growth and faith in bringing forth the information he received. He has since developed his own techniques, and only recently decided to practice full time. His views on Spirit have expanded and evolved over time and James has incorporated many tools to complement his readings. He no longer preaches, but instead teaches students to incorporate meditation into their daily lives, and lectures on the value of sacred geometry, energy healing, etc. As he learns and evolves, his desire increases to pass his teachings on to the world. James was introduced early on to Archangel Oracle cards and still keeps a couple of the original decks around. He now utilizes the Crystal Oracle, to provide even broader information for his clients.

The second tool he uses quite frequently is Lithomancy, a type of crystal reading performed in a circle. He possesses over fifty crystals for this work, each one specifically designed to bring forth information for his clients. He also uses matrix energy as a gateway and catalyst for interacting with Angels and Spirit Guides. Reiki is another tool James relies on to provide healing and he's mastered several traditions. He discovered Reiki after the death of his best friend, seven years ago, and this discipline helped him through a most traumatic time. The Reiki Master who assisted him gave James his first three attunements in the Usui Reiki tradition, and from then on he was hooked. Other techniques included: the K'sitew, Seichim, Kagami, and Karuna Ki traditions of energy healing. James is on a never ending journey to learn more about Divine Love and Wisdom. Along with energy work, he also provides angel and crystal therapy, and wisdom readings for clients. James also practices intuitive art, using watercolors to bring insight and foresight to clients. He's been asked what is the purpose of so many spiritual methods? He draws on these practices to speak directly to each client's unique heart language, matching the right technique with what resonates best with the client.


James began his professional psychic and energy healing practice eleven years ago, utilizing several traditions and styles. Providing accurate readings alongside his mentor, he did so without the use of tools. On occasion, his teacher would use a set of tarot cards, but as James came from an Evangelical Christian background, he preferred not to use any psychic tools. But, over time, James discovered the value and knowledge that could be gleaned from various techniques and he began using Angel Oracle cards in his sessions. He began traveling to psychic fairs and new age bookstores and adopted a successful method of card reading, relying on the Crystal Oracle. These cards are beautifully illustrated and are a bit different from a regular tarot set. The use of crystals became a worthwhile passion. He's been fascinated with their beauty and energy ever since he was a teenager. He owned a small set of crystals and was primarily interested in their metaphysical qualities, finding the resonant energy in their matrix to be a wonderful method to forecast the future. Over the past several years, he's become an expert on Lithomancy, a type of Cleromancy which utilizes the high vibration of crystals to channel Spirit. Reiki is another useful tool for clients who are interested in not only gaining insight but interactively improving their future. He's blended techniques from several traditions and has provided them to his clients for the past seven years.


James is a triple Aries with tremendous energy and passion to serve others, and has an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. He and his fiance recently moved to Michigan to be closer to his family, but he has spent most of his adult life in Missouri. He moved to Kansas City to attend seminary, and wound up sticking around. James values the here and now and seeks love and joy in every moment, appreciating the little things in life. He enjoys attending his nephews' baseball games, walks in the park, internet auctions, movies, and the beach. The peak experiences have been fun too, but James spent many years living from peak to peak, and now appreciates the value of small scale pleasures. He enjoys some pop culture music, but is not pop culture savvy. He's interested in fantasy, science fiction and spiritual help books, television (thanks to streaming video services), and is a card carrying member of Oprah's book club. Spiritually, he grew up an Evangelical Christian, but as his understanding about the Divine has expanded and evolved over the years, he's drawn upon many traditions, finding Spiritual connection to be most meaningful.

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I use my 12 years of experience working with Angels and Guides to help clients find clarity in every situation. Using Lithomancy (crystal reading) and the Crystal Oracle (cards), I provide guidance and insight for the future.

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