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A 3rd Gen Psychic, Clairvoyant and Claircognizant, I use Tarot to accurately answer your questions. With 20+ years' experience, I'll compassionately and accurately forecast your future, giving you the Truth in all areas of your life.


Clairvoyant, Claircognizant, Tarot Readings, Oracle Card Readings, Runes, Natal Chart Interpretation.


Both grandparents on Kaysie's father's side were psychics who gave readings to friends and neighbors. Her grandfather was an avid astrologer and her grandmother could tune-in and hear Angels. Her father and mother, both college educated, would say that although science hadn't proven the existence of psychic abilities, what her grandparents were able to predict and see from someone's past was uncanny, and they kept an open mind. They were raised learning a lot about Astrology, due to her grandfather's influence, and her grandmother always insisted Kaysie's dad was Psychic. This fact was confirmed many times over, as she was never able to get away with anything as a teen and her dad would invariably know when she was up to no good.

Kaysie never noticed that she was psychic until she entered her teens. While she was out with friends one night, she observed a man she believed to be in costume, standing across the street in a crowd of people. It was in the height of summer—nowhere near Halloween--and he was dressed as Death. She pointed him out to her friends, but not one of them could see him and therefore dismissed her observation. A friend left soon after, was broadsided in his car at an intersection, and was killed within minutes of Kaysie's vision of Death. All of her friends were entirely freaked out and knew, without a doubt, Kaysie had seen Death because he was coming to take their friend.

Since childhood, Kaysie was fascinated with Tarot cards and desperately wanted a deck of her own. Around the age of twelve, she was thumbing through Mad Magazine, and stopped on an article spoofing Tarot. Interested, she cut out the Major Arcana cards and fashioned her own deck onto regular playing cards. She'd take them to sleepovers and give fortunes to friends. Amazingly, the readings she gave were so convincing, her friends bragged she could accurately see into the future! As she grew older, she abandoned the Mad Mag Tarot in favor of a regular deck and continued to give her uncanny predictions at parties. Often, she'd find herself at the local New Age shop attending classes on chakras, meditation, past lives, etc. Finally, she purchased her first set of Tarot cards and began using them on friends and family. She soon suffered a major head injury. Though tragic, it actually served to charge her psychic abilities even more and she began experiencing predictive dreams that often came true! She'd also have visions that scared her to death. She'd be in the middle of working when she'd suddenly be overtaken by a dream vision, though she was wide awake! It was at this time she found a teacher who'd become an important mentor, teaching her Tarot and Meditation, as well as other techniques to help manage her abilities. Kaysie juggled her study of metaphysics with her job as a bartender. She was very much like a psychic sponge at work, soaking up patrons' energy, and she found it overwhelming to her nervous system. She recalls customers rolling dice with her to see who would pay for a round of drinks, and she'd glean information about their personal lives depending on how the dice fell. Later, she'd learn her information was one hundred percent accurate! She didn't mean to get into the heads of her customers, but she just couldn't control her abilities at the time. For years, she continued to work with her mentor and began reading professionally at psychic fairs in Los Angeles.


Kaysie began her professional career reading in Los Angeles at Psychic Fairs in the early nineties, using Tarot, Runes and Astrology cards as predictive tools. She also read for her boss, friends and family, and many of her co-workers. Before an earthquake that rocked her home, she had recurring dreams about it. She'd always see a clock lying in the rubble that read 1:15. The numbers turned out to be the actual date of the earthquake—January 15th. After the quake, her home was so badly damaged, she was forced to move to Bakersfield, CA, and reside with family. She worked out of her home, providing readings to a small group of regulars, while also working an office job.

In the late nineties, she worked the psychic phone lines for a couple of years while also maintaining a "regular" job. She continued to study Tarot throughout the nineties and tried to buy a metaphysical bookstore with a friend that would afford her a place to practice as well as teach. Unfortunately, the deal fell through, but another friend bought the store and asked her to provide readings there. She began reading at the store in the early 2000's and continued to do so for about a decade. Over the years, she's read for hundreds of clients, while also teaching courses on Tarot. Her practice also included private one-on-one readings at clients' homes, where she often had occasion to send troublesome spirits packing! Trapped spirits were ushered to the light and Kaysie became a sought after ghost-buster, in addition to her other psychic talents! Two years ago, she moved to Virginia, honing her craft, working psychic fairs and phone lines. Many of her regulars from California still call upon her, as her list of devoted clients continues to grow.


An inspirational Sagittarius, Kaysie's psychic nurturing is contained in her Cancer Rising sign and her love of knowledge can be found in her Gemini Moon. Single and living in Virginia, she has many roommates and also four cats. A California transplant, she's still trying to learn how to deal with the snow and ice. She loves to read, mostly fantasy fiction and a few psychological thrillers, as well as non-fiction books on self-improvement and spirituality. She draws and paints in her spare time and likes to make jewelry. She's also a pretty good seamstress who enjoys designing her own clothes. Though she claims not to be much of an explorer, she loves a good ghost hunt and is having a field day in Virginia with its many haunted sites! Every chance she can, she visits museums and historical places, and is currently working on writing a novel drawing upon her experiences as a psychic bartender.

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A 3rd Gen Psychic, Clairvoyant and Claircognizant, I use Tarot to accurately answer your questions. With 20+ years' experience, I'll compassionately and accurately forecast your future, giving you the Truth in all areas of your life.

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