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Are you going through a difficult time? Do you need some guidance right now? Allow me to use my special gifts to help you. I'm a gifted empath, intuitive cared reader, spiritual counsellor with 15 years and several lifetimes of experience helping others.


Tarot Readings, Animal Totem Readings, meditation, yoga, Counseling, Dream Analysis, Astrology, Animal Communication, Aromatherapy, Hot Stone Therapy, Rune Readings, Love & Romance Readings, Relationship Readings.


Nancy's earliest childhood memory of her psychic gifts occurred at the age of four when she could feel the presence of Angels around her. She's an "Indigo Child," born with a heightened awareness for all things, and the ability to help heal a troubled soul. She has sensed, felt and received messages from Angels her entire life and feels she's been unconsciously using her psychic gifts for many lifetimes. Her mother and grandmother (both now angels) had a great awareness of the universe and brought her to see psychics as a young child. In particular, she recalls a meeting with a tea leaf reader, who made a life-changing impression on her at an early age. The knowledge that she was a "Star child" or Indigo child came to her late in life. She's always known she was different, but her true awareness of the incredible gifts she possessed did not occur till about 20 years ago, when she participated in a Reiki group and found that she was able to consciously connect with her spirit guides. A few years later, a mentor gave her a psychic reading that provided knowledge and spiritual guidance that took her to a new level.

Since then, she's had premonitions, visions and predictions that have preceded several tragic events. It also became part of her life's work to save the lives of abused and starving animals. She has helped animals that were near death and located those that were missing. This deep and loving connection with Mother Earth has allowed her to communicate with animals and has in turn attracted the animal kingdom to her. She does not find these animals, but rather it is the animals who seek her. She describes herself as having "nine lives" and once had a premonition about a potentially fatal car accident that soon came to pass. Fortunately she was "saved" by angels and the experience served to increase her spiritual awareness. She believes that she was protected by the angels, so she could continue her life's work, which is to help others find inner peace and be of service to Mother Nature.


Knowing she was unique at a very young age, Nancy was often told throughout her life just how "different" she was, but didn't understand what that meant until she was much older. After Nancy's car accident, over twenty years ago, her spiritual awareness deepened and life took on a whole new meaning. It became her task to spiritually guide others which has proven to be not only personally rewarding, but extremely beneficial for those she counsels. Over the last decade, she's focused on Tarot and animal medicine, providing readings in a one-on-one setting. Confident in the knowledge that she's an "old soul," Nancy feels as though she's been around forever. Working as an aromatherapist and social worker for many years, has given her a wonderful bounty of experience and knowledge to draw upon. She also incorporates her love and fascination for crystals in her work and uses essential oils daily, especially with her animal family. Her Tarot and animal readings have provided clients with insight and guidance, often at very dark times in their lives. Some of her credits include: an aromatherapy diploma, a hot stone therapy certificate, a Bachelor of Social Work degree, (currently working on her Masters) completion of level I animal communication, master herbalist diploma and her recent accomplishment as a yoga teacher has again deepened her awareness of her ability to help and connect with others. She is also a member of the Distant Healing Network. She has often been described by others as compassionate, kind, empathic and caring and brings these fine qualities to her sessions. She's always received positive feedback and is continuously drawing people to her for help.


Nancy was born under the sign of Virgo with a Leo Ascendant; she currently lives in rural Quebec, Canada. She was born and raised in eastern Canada, but lived in isolated Northern Canada for many years before moving to Quebec. Living in the rugged, cold climate has nourished her love for the outdoors. She enjoys just being outdoors with her team of husky dogs. She has a great respect and love for Mother Nature, is a fierce believer and advocate for human rights, and is an avid animal activist as well. She lives with her husband, who she married after reuniting with after a 30 year separation after knowing each other as teens, their house full of loving cats and their beautiful retired husky dog team. Nancy also manages a homeless cat sanctuary. She appreciates all of life's blessings and believes that all we all should live life to the fullest.

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Are you going through a difficult time? Do you need some guidance right now? Allow me to use my special gifts to help you. I'm a gifted empath, intuitive cared reader, spiritual counsellor with 15 years and several lifetimes of experience helping others.

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